Can I use my own domain? Yes, if you have a domain already we can help you to
configure it to point to your MPS address. We will also register a domain name for you
if you don’t have one yet.

Can we get online donations through MPS? Absolutely, we accept donations via
MyDonationSite, PayPal, Google Checkout and other merchant services. Merchant accounts
are setup immediately so you can begin receiving payments right away. Also, we will work
with you to make sure you are keeping the most of your donations.

Will we be listed in Google, Yahoo, etc.? Our system will automatically contact
the search engines each time your site is updated. So you will be listed in all the major
search engines. Your rank depends on how often you update your site and how
relevant the content is to the search. Most MPS sites are listed on the first page
in every major search engine.

What does it cost? Contact us and we can discuss your needs and give you pricing
based on your campaign needs. If your budget is tight and want a campaign site
right away check out our site builder at CampaignQuick.com.

Can I use this for my GOP Committee? No, this site is for conservative  campaigns
only. Please visit MyGOPSite.com for a great committee solution.

Is this a web site or a blog? It’s a little bit of both. My Political Site has an integrated
blogging platform. But in addition it has the features we know political organizations want
like stats, video capability and secure donations. To your visitors it will look like a very
powerful web site with some of the advanced features found in blogs.

Isn’t this the same as Blogger or Godaddy? Not at all. Sites like Blogger and Godaddy
are great for personal web pages. But those sites do not offer the customized templates,
secure donation pages and other goodies for campaigns. Plus our sites are professional,
custom designed web site specifically developed for campaigns.